Ruben Barbalace started his career in the construction business about 24 years ago, in his country of Argentina. He immigrated to the United States and got his General Contractor License in California. He began a construction company with his immediate family. After a few years, Ruben took entire ownership of his company. This company would be known as Phoenix Construction Company, now a dba of Framen Inc.

Ruben Barbalace

In the 20 years that Phoenix existed, Ruben has taken much pride in the fact that his company is true to his creed of ethics. Ruben states, "The reason for the growth of my company is simply explained by my dedication in giving the client the up most respect, integrity in our job and and trustworthy driven cost." The success of Phoenix Construction has much to do with word of mouth. In an industry that is complex, as it is selective, this sort of achievement is not easily obtained. When asked about that, Ruben states with a smile, "We never abandon a job, and we always complete our projects on time. No mystery, simply hard work."